As the world evolves, we are able to identify early trends and be at the forefront of innovation to provide solutions to emerging challenges and opportunities. We are a company of scientific innovators with over 240 patents.

Since creating the first activated carbon products from bituminous coal in the 1940s, Calgon Carbon has been a pioneer in developing advanced products, systems and services for air and water purification.

Calgon Carbon’s product portfolio now encompasses more than 700 direct market applications, including several revolutionary industry developments such as the first use of granular activated carbon (GAC) for taste and odor removal from drinking water in the early 1960s; the development of ultraviolet (UV) light technology for pathogen control in drinking water as well as chrome free carbon for military applications in the 1990s; and the application of ion exchange technology for perchlorate removal in the 2000s. Calgon Carbon is continually positioned to build on its legacy of innovation and industry leadership.

We are dedicated to maintaining scientific currency, continuously developing new processes, standards, and methods that make water and air purification more efficient, productive, and predictable.