Gas Processing

Refiners of natural gas and manufacturers and users of other high-purity gases depend on activated carbons to remove contaminants and to capture mercury compounds that can harm process equipment. Activated carbons are also used in gasoline-vapor recovery equipment.

Mercury Removal with HGR®

A large percentage of natural gas reserves contain trace concentrations of mercury. Mercury removal is particularly important in the production of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as the mercury can lead to corrosion of aluminium heat exchangers used in this process. HGR® is the leading technology for the removal of mercury from natural gas.

Gas De-sulfurisation

Several types of gases like ethylene, natural gas and biogas are desulfurised using activated carbon. Activated Carbon pellets can be used for the removal of H2S in biogas streams, from landfills, anaerobic (AD) digesters, or municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTP).

Amine Solutions

Activated carbon can also be used to purify amine solutions in natural gas scrubber systems.

Compressed Gas

In order to protect compressors’ parts, and also as an aid to efficiency, activated carbon is used to remove traces of lubrication oil from air streams.

Fruit Storage – Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO)

Activated carbon is used in scrubber systems to control carbon dioxide and ethylene in fruit storage facilities to prevent premature ripening or decay.

Hydrogen Purification by Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)

Activated carbon can be utilized to adsorb organic impurities during the process of continuous hydrogen separation (from methane/steam hydrogen reforming) or other gas separations.

Gas Storage

The novel gas adsorption system utilises the inherent properties of an activated carbon adsorbent and its general propensity for gas storage, whereby under pressurised conditions the extensively developed carbon porosity provides for greatly enhanced volume storage of either a pure gas, such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen, or a gas mixture such as air.

Gas Processing Technologies/Solutions:

Calgon Carbon provides activated carbons to assist with natural gas processing which consists of separating various hydrocarbons and fluids from pure natural gas, to produce what is known as ‘pipeline quality’ dry natural gas.

Activated Carbon

Calgon Carbon has over 70 years experience in manufacturing of the highest quality activated carbons for use in gas treatment applications. Activated carbon products are available in a range of granular and pelleted particle sizes to fit a variety of applications.

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Reactivation Services

Calgon Carbon can offer safe and economical spent carbon handling and thermal reactivation in conjunction with fresh carbon supply and provide personnel and equipment to perform the carbon exchange on a turnkey basis.

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CCC can bundle the performance advantages of activated carbon with equipment (service or purchase) and related services, to provide full turnkey solutions. Many times the equipment will be customized to fit the requirements of the application and customer site requirements.

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