Energy Storage

Calgon Carbon, a world leader in the innovative use of activated carbon, has developed advanced activated carbons for energy storage and continues to develop products offering improved electrochemical performance.

In March 2018, Kuraray Co., Ltd. completed its acquisition of Calgon Carbon Corporation.  As a result of this acquisition, two of the industry’s premium activated carbon companies have joined forces to provide high performing, high quality products for endless applications, including the energy storage industry.

Calgon Carbon, A Kuraray Company, is a world leader in the innovative use of activated carbon for over 150 applications. Kuraray has had over 40 years of experience in the energy storage market and is the industry standard for activated carbons used in the ultracapacitor market. With our joint commitment to R&D and quality, we are continually developing superior performing products to revolutionize the market with superior electrochemical performance and high purity.

Applications & Products:

Activated carbon is the preferred electrode material in ultracapacitors, asymmetric batteries and a variety of advanced batteries because of its exceptionally high surface area and high purity, which can be directly related to performance in this application. Kuraray’s YP product series is the industry standard for ultracapacitors as a result of decades of experience in terms of starting material selection and specialized manufacturing.

Ultracapacitors – high capacitance energy storage devices. The storage mechanism for ultracapacitors is primarily physical in nature, where electrons are stored on the surface of the activated carbon and rapidly charged/discharged. Since the amount of charge is related to the amount of electrons that can be stored on the surface, a high surface area activated carbon, such as Kuraray’s YP product is the industry standard. Impurities on the carbon can negatively impact performance through irreversible capacitance loss, thus raw material selection and additional processing is critical to producing high performing products. For more information on our standard product types, select the link below:

YP Products

Capacitive Deionization (CDI): In addition to its use in energy storage, the YP product series is extremely effective in Capacitive Deionization (CDI) applications. In these applications, the activated carbon is used similarly as an ultracapacitor where there is a positive and negative electrode- the primary difference being the goal of the device is to remove ions from water rather than storing energy. For more information on CDI applications, select the link below:

CDI Information Sheet

Advanced Batteries – As the demands for energy storage devices become more rigorous, a variety of battery chemistries are being developed to provide higher energy densities, greater power output, and increased cyclability. Kuraray has developed hard carbon called KURANODE, which is commonly used as an additive with other materials (such as graphite) to improve these characteristics, as well as reduce swelling of commonly used anode materials. The use of hard carbon is widely used in LiB and NaiB technologies.

The use of activated carbon and hard carbon provides additional performance advantages in asymmetric devices (Lithium Ion Capacitors), advanced lead acid batteries, and other battery technologies. For more information on hard carbon, select the link below.

Kuranode Products


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