Catalyst Support with Activated Carbon

With its large surface area, purity and relative hardness, activated carbon is an ideal carrier for catalytic metals or utilized as a catalyst on its own.

Catalyst Support Technologies/Solutions:

Some of the catalytic applications where Calgon Carbon’s activated carbons are successfully used are included below:

  • Batteries – Dry cell batteries where the catalytic activity of the internal surface area of the carbon allows zinc-oxygen depolarization Cyanuric Chloride – Activated Carbon promotes the chlorination of hydrocyanic acid to cyanogen chloride and ultimately cyanuric chloride
  • Glyphosate – This is a biodegradable herbicide. Calgon Carbon has produced a special catalytically enhanced activated carbon, CENTAUR®, which is available as a powder or granular material and can be used as the oxidation catalyst for glyphosate production.
  • Merox – MRX- is a specially developed steam activated bituminous coal activated carbon for use in the Merox process for mercaptan removal in petroleum distillates.
  • Phosgene – Activated carbon is used both for the production and destruction of phosgene.
  • Precious Metals Carrier – Calgon Carbon has a range of granular and powdered, high purity, wood Acticarbone® and hard coconut carbons that are ideally suited as precious metal catalyst carriers for use in the pharmaceutical and chemicals industry.



Granular Activated Carbon

Different grades of GAC are available for use in catalytic applications and for catalytic metal carriers.

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Pelletized Activated Carbon

Activated carbon in a pellet form is used in applications where a lower pressure drop is required.

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Powdered Activated Carbon

ACTICARBONE® Wood based activated carbons are used as a support for precious metal powder catalysts (PMPCs).

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