Other Metals/Minerals

Calgon Carbon has pioneered the technology to recover a wide variety of metals and minerals in the hydrometallurgy, mining, chemical and industrial markets.

Just as our activated carbon solutions are essential for the extraction of precious metals, Calgon Carbon’s ion exchange technology is also efficient and effective for other metals and minerals.


The recovery of copper, nickel, zinc, uranium and many other metals and minerals depends on Calgon Carbon’s ion exchange technology. Calgon Carbon’s continuous ISEP® technology makes it possible to recover metals and minerals from leech liquor, waste and reclaimed streams.

At the heart of every ISEP® system is a single, multi-port, rotating distributor valve that directs all incoming and outgoing streams with the most flexibility and efficiency of any system available. The advanced valve technology indexes at a specific rate using a minimum of moving parts, thereby increasing reliability and system up-time.

When Ion Exchange is employed for metal recovery in leach and waste streams, Calgon Carbon’s ISEP ® system provides a continuous, consistent and high purity concentrated product while minimizing the use of chemicals, resin and wastes. Calgon Carbon’s continuous ion exchange systems are the most flexible, robust, and accepted in the industry.

Calgon Carbon’s ISEP® system is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of processing conditions. In addition to state-of-the-art technology, Calgon Carbon offers analytical and piloting services, full process engineering support, project management for full turnkey support, and complete service packages for on-site management of equipment.

Ion Exchange

Ion exchange technology minimizes waste and the use of chemicals and resin and provides a consistent, high-purity concentrated product.

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